Short and sweet – NOTE-MAKING on your electronic device

Making a note while using your electronic device is a very important tool. Instead of working with pen and paper, which may work well for you, you can make notes electronically. There are numerous benefits to electronic note-making:

  • easily search through the notes
  • all notes are logged, recorded and saved
  • most note-making apps allow text as well as photos

The best note-making app of all in our experience is Notability. Unfortunately, the app fullest capability is only available on iPad using an Apple pencil. For those with these devices, you will never use pen and paper again.

Alternative note-making apps
Notezilla is an outstanding alternative to Notability. It works across all devices, is easy to learn, has amazing capability and its annual subscription cost is about $15 but well worth the investment.

Onenote, Google Keep, Evernote are other alternatives to consider. Each has totally free versions or free versions when subscribing to other apps in the company’s family. Evernote is highly recommended even though it has a bit of a learning curve.


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