NOTEZILLA: NOTEZILLA: sticky notes on steroids

NOTEZILLA is a STICKY NOTES application for electronic devices the likes of which you have never seen. The more I use this program, the more valuable they become.

Try it for free for 30 days. You’ll never give it back.

Remember POST-it notes. Know the story behind them?

A 3M company employee was in a local church choir. He would mark the hymns for Sunday service with little strips of paper. Inevitably, these little strips would fall out and the hymn designation would be lost. Being a member of the ‘skunk’ works team in the 3M development and research lab, he recognized the need for sticky markers which could be removed without damaging the hymnals. So the invented the product. A miracle…but not the end of the story.

3M struggled with the marketing POST-it notes. Who wants to pay a little scratch pad when others somewhat like it were available at half the price or less. In stepped the secretary to the CEO of 3M. She bundled packages of POST-it notes and sent them to the secretaries of a few dozen of the major corporations in the USA. Within weeks, she was inundated with phone calls pleading for more of those sticky little notepads. Thus, the birth of the POST-its.

NOTEZILLA doesn’t have such an apocryphal story behind it as POST-its but it is no less as valuable as a computer application. But its sticky target is not your book or your page. Its target is your computer screen, inside it that is. Simple to use, ‘tear off’ a note and type on it; move it around as you would a paper sticky note. Now NOTEZILLA begins to fly instead of plodding along.

NOTEZILLA rolls up, out of the way, like a roll-up blind; it can be stored with dates acting like reminders; colours can be selected for different topics; graphics can be placed on the sticky just as you would glue one to a page. Now for the steroids: notes can be stored on the active screen, on a program page saved with that program for later retrieval, even on to a website page where you will see it again when you return.

The power and versatility of NOTEZILLA notes are limited only by the user’s imagination. As any user learns more and more how to use these notes, their variety of uses grows too.

Try them for free for 30 days. I guarantee that as you use them more and more, they will grow in their value to your work.

An absolutely essential application if you work on electronic equipment like tablets, computers, laptops and even smartphones. Just try them. You’ see !!!

Here’s the link from which to download NOTEZILLA :  FREE TRIAL DOWNLOAD

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