Tempest in a teapot?

At risk of causing a tempest in the teapot, we are adding to our recent post about the two councillors vacationing outside of Canada. This is unacceptable behaviour by anyone during these pandemic times. Elected officials are not exempt from these restrictions. 

However, the addition to our story concerns Mayor Dave Ryan. 

We walk Fermo nightly and often we meet up with Mayor Ryan and his family walking Riley. It is confirming to live in a city where one can bump into the mayor while out for an evening stroll.

Mayor Ryan is always bundled up against the cold to minimize health risks after his serious operation about a year ago. He is doing tremendously well but what is additionally gratifying is that though we live in a large metropolitan area when you encounter the mayor in an evening walk and talk with him, you feel like you are living in a small town. Kind of reminds one of that classic movie, “It’s a wonderful life!”

It should be underlined the mayor makes one feel he is one of us, not above us, not an elite, but a regular member of the community. His exchanges are always down to earth and relative to the neighbourhood and the community. He talks like one of us.

Yet, though he is the mayor, the topmost elected representative of the community, he acts like an equal member of the community. He interacts with his neighbours as a member of the neighbourhood. 

More importantly, one might think a person of that high office would not have the time to interact with the community in general. This mayor is special. He responded to our recent story about the two councillors who travelled outside of Canada with a phone call and with an emailed comment. He took the time to clearly express his views and his disappointment with the occurrence.

Bravo Mr. Mayor. You confirm our view that we have an outstanding person in the job as Mayor of the City of Pickering.



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