The CRITIQUING process involves a number of different procedures that will become easy to learn, familiar and comfortable with practice. Be aware that at the beginning, you may feel a bit lost or confused as you work your way through the process, but it is a time-tested one that will confirm its value and worth as you use it more and more. Be patient, avoid stressing over it, it will become like an old shoe after a few uses. And remember, I am here to help you if you ask.

Below please find the guideline steps to how you should proceed if you want to have feedback and discussion of your work. Be reminded, the WAG associates who are participating in this discussion are not criticizing your work, not denigrating it or intending insult. They are looking at your work in the cold light of objectivity and saying how your work impacts them. This is an exercise in assessment and examination by experienced and published writers whose interests, passion and dedication are writing.

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