Holidays need security,  travel and medical insurance.

Contact your INSURANCE provider
Contact your insurance company to clarify and confirm the coverage you have, be it travel, accident or medical. Be sure you understand the explanation and details about your insurance coverage.

There are numerous companies that offer Travel/Medical insurance; one of the oldest is Blue Cross. However, today banks, credit card companies, travel consultants, offer valuable information regarding travel/medical insurance which they have available.

Research and record
Record and compare what different companies offer, cover and cost. Note there may be pre-existing condition restrictions (physical conditions and also prescribed medication limitations.) These pre-existing condition limitations can vary from 3 months to a year but they are essential to clarify. Otherwise, your assumed insurance coverage may turn out to be non-existent.

Limitations due to pre-existing conditions and prescribed medications
Insurance companies have policy restrictions of which you should be very aware. If a client has a pre-existing condition or takes certain prescribed medications which the insurance company has put on its exclude coverage list, you may find you do not have insurance coverage.

Coverage though you have restricted conditions
Some insurance companies will extend their coverage to include special situations or circumstances. This comes at a cost, higher premiums which vary from company to company, in relation to the condition and/or medications and age of insured.

All trips have relative risk; insurance deals with that risk
The cautions above apply to all travellers. Even if you cross the border for just one day, make sure you have insurance coverage.

Insurance coverage means peace of mind
Once you have clarified and confirmed your insurance coverage needs, put all bad thoughts behind you, and enjoy your holiday travels.

RTO (Retired Teachers of Ontario) has an health insurance booklet which is very useful for reviewing your own health insurance plan.

OHIP has made changes to its out-of-country medical coverage.

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