World Radio: radio stations from everywhere on earth

An absolutely amazing little app. [Be careful your browser is not using a ‘blocker’ or https: everywhere extension…then the app wont work]

You can listen to radio from almost anywhere in the world…amazing!


Click on the above image to access RADIO GARDEN

Radio Garden is an app that will blow you away.

Listen to radio from anywhere in the world, provided the station broadcasts on the Internet. Because broadcasting on the Internet is so easy, the smallest radio station in the most isolated part of the world is likely to be available on Radio Garden.

How to get Radio Garden
1. Click on RADIO GARDEN

2. Click the on the arrow on the HOME PAGE which appears.

3. Scroll to the area of the world you in which you are interested in and click on one of the green dots representing a radio station.

4. The station broadcast will automatically play [ Be sure your speakers are ON ].

5. There are some legends and menus at the corners of the screen but they are easy to understand and use.

A great Internet site.


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